Book Review: “Til Death We Do Part” by Bruno Beaches

Life is so unpredictable. We desire something, plan something and get something else.“Til Death We Do Part” by Bruno Beaches is a book that tells you a tale of such unpredictability of life in a meaningful way. Throughout the story, the author beautifully and very intelligently spread out an important message that doesn’t ever getContinue reading “Book Review: “Til Death We Do Part” by Bruno Beaches”

Book Review(in short): The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

It is from Agatha Christie, whose name is enough. Another murder mystery I would rather say, what a murder mystery! Mind-blowing. I heard so much about this book for a very long but never picked up. Now I regret being so late and lazy in picking this masterpiece. The plot is engaging and gripping. AfterContinue reading “Book Review(in short): The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie”

Hindi Poetry Book Review: Piya Re… Tulsi Mai Ho Jaaun

“ईश्वर,अन्धकार में भी जगमाता है,दिये की सार्थकता ईश्वर से है, ईश्वर कि दिये से नहीं।प्रेम का जीवन से ऐसा ही सम्बन्ध है।” कवितायेँ कम शब्दों में बहुत कुछ कह जाती हैं। कभी कभी लगता है, गर बातें पन्नों पर लिख एक दूसरे को बतलायी जाएँ तो शायद हम उनकी गम्भीरता और भाव को ज्यादा अच्छीContinue reading “Hindi Poetry Book Review: Piya Re… Tulsi Mai Ho Jaaun”

Book Review: ‘Those Delicious Letters’ by The Bong Mom, Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta

When did you last receive a handwritten letter? I just finished reading ‘Those Delicious Letters’ by The Bong Mom, Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta. Gosh, so much to say about this book, idk where to start. Ok, first of all, I am in love with the author’s storytelling. The whole vibe and the presentation were pretty awesome.Continue reading “Book Review: ‘Those Delicious Letters’ by The Bong Mom, Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta”

Book Review: A Touch of Eternity by Durjoy Datta

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Soulmates? “A Touch of Eternity” by Durjoy Datta is an extraordinary story of a couple Anvesha and Druvan, who were to be perfect soulmates for each other since the time they were born. Born on the same day, at the same time, and are inseparable.Continue reading “Book Review: A Touch of Eternity by Durjoy Datta”

Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”“Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different.” Set in London during the Victorian Era this is a story of an unbelievably handsome youngContinue reading “Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde”

Book Review: Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Heidi by Johanna Spyri is a short classic tale of a little orphan girl named Heidi. Novel starts with the scene of Aunt Dete taking her niece Heidi, to her grandfather who lives in the mountains of Swiss Alps.  🌸 Dete, who has taken care of Heidi for long, but now she is not ableContinue reading “Book Review: Heidi by Johanna Spyri”

Book Review: Unmasked by Jenifer Kanin

“You cannot control what the people around you are going to do or who they are going to be, even if they are the people we love the most. They may make choices we don’t agree with, and sometimes we even have to suffer the consequences of their bad decisions. But the only thing youContinue reading “Book Review: Unmasked by Jenifer Kanin”

Book Review: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

“A tragic accident. It all happened so quickly. She couldn’t have prevented it. Could she?”  🍂 In a split second, Jenna Gray’s world descends into a nightmare. Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of a cruel November night thatContinue reading “Book Review: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh”

Book Review: All Roads Lead to Ganga

“Although at Badrinath I missed the sound of birds and the presence of trees, there were other compensations. It was good to be part of the happy throng at its colorful little temple and to see the sacred river close to its source. And early next morning I was rewarded with the loveliest experience ofContinue reading “Book Review: All Roads Lead to Ganga”